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Sled, what I have is a customized rifle. I’m not trying to change that much, just to add a bit more durability. It will be out of spec a little …. no big deal. I didn’t design it. A bcg change, to nickel boron is like changing the rims on a porche from aluminum to titanium. At least to me.

The little internal debate I was having to use the wmd hammer or use the old hammer and buy a new trigger/spring ended up…. No further changes required. I don’t need a new AR. Lol


BCG change is easy, but does potentially change the cycle. Whether to use a lighter hammer spring or not is dependent upon your ammo you use. If you want to change out the trigger/sear springs then that is a great way to change the feel of the trigger. This is a good upgrade for a cheap price.

If you have an AR already, there is no need to buy a different one just because you can’t get that one dialed in. These things are like tinker toys. Just do some research on what each part does and do some swapping. You just have to know 100% what each part’s function is and why it functions like that before you blindly change things. Don’t want to take out some odd looking piece from your car and put something else in that looks similar because you think it will be better……