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The entire upper was from Daytona Tactical. I picked it up for $250 not including BCG or charging handle. Got those on Amazon pretty inexpensively.

This is not by any means a top tier build or something that will be a competition winning rifle. It is just a comparable priced build to an AK, but in an AR platform. The 16″ barrel is free floating with a 15 inch handguard to cover it up all the way. I liked this look for 2 reasons:

1) It will keep extra crap from messing with the barrel and protect it while riding around in my truck and I plan on painting it my version of multicam or something. this way the barrel will stay unpainted, but everything else will be.
2) It looks like a T-21 heavy rifle from Star Wars. Well, a carbine version of it at least.

As for pop up sights, I am going to move my 45 degree offset iron sights over to this and then pick up a 45 degree mount and a Burris backup red dot sight for it. That one has a 20″ free floating barrel setup with long range hardware like Vortex LR 4-16×50 scope, Magpul PRS stock, Harris bipod, etc…..I did that one as such for varmints both two legged and 4 as situation dictates. Seeing as how they are both .223, it is easy to come up with rounds as needed. Think the long range one as more SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) and this one new build as more a battle rifle.

I will post good pics of both as well as my wife’s in a few.