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“Obama has no idea what he is doing.” – freedom

“From our perspective it looks like O is clueless.” – 74

If he were truly clueless, and just floundering — making ordinary mistakes — the Law of Averages would, at least occasionally, have him erring in favor of this nation. But he’s been perfectly consistent: Everything he has done has been to our detriment. Either he’s playing for some undeclared form of opposition, or he’s the singularly most “unlucky” chief executive of any country, ever.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that he’s a “post turtle.” When you drive across the southwestern desert, and you spy a “turtle” (desert tortoise) resting the flat side of his shell on top of a fence post, you immediately know two things: 1) he didn’t get there by his own efforts; 2) Someone put him up there. That Mr. Turtle enjoys his position may make him more willing to do the things he does, but he isn’t merely working for himself alone.

Cry, "Treason!"