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My opinion on Jade Helm……? I think it’s the beginning of the Great South West Population Reduction. The troops are there to contain the runners.

You know…massive environmental collapse, an apocalypto of Mayan proportion. death from the ocean death from fire death from lack of water, death death death, rape pillage plunder.

Dresden codex Mayan calendar twilight of the gods, 6000 years give or take. People laugh and think it’s fiction because it will never happen to them. Oops sorry math doesn’t lie. It takes so much food water and energy to keep people alive and if it comes up short they wither and die like the grass.

I would tell my sister in law to get out of Kali today but her head and body are on a different planet than where I live. Don’t think I’ll tell her about jade helm. Her brain is as big as a planet let her figure it out.