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“I don’t know what the answer is but I suspect the for-profit prisons is but one small piece of the puzzle. I think the overwhelming majority or prisoners are in govt-run prisons. I also believe the prison population is very disproportionately black and based on drug offenses. The war on drugs clearly has failed. Black families and black urban culture clearly have failed too ” – Mountain Biker

I agree. For- profit prisons are not a large enough tail to wag the entire dog of high incarceration rates. Even so, there’s an unavoidable conflict of motives: increasing profits (and kickback$) depends on increasing convictions, which ultimately depends on increased crime. But governmentally or privately, warehousing criminals (as if that would “cure” anything except temporarily, opportunity to commit certain crimes) is an industry, employing millions of highly-paid people: judges, clerks, attorneys, bailiffs, police, and prison guards, a large enough segment of the voting population to raise huge political influence PACs, and scream bloody murder when their money-trough is threatened. And who dares say otherwise — after all, if you don’t want to lock up everybody from axe-murderers to jaywalkers, you’re “Soft on Crime!” It’s the American way: don’t solve problems, turn them into industries!

So, how does a government, concerned as it is with preserving certain “more important” employment rates and positive public images, keep the party going? 1) Run the economy in such a way as to economically hamstring all but the most talented and hard-driving in the other trades and professions, knowing that the “losers” will find more “reasons” to commit crime, as they find fewer reasons to refrain; 2) Since the Public Fool System is prison boot camp, teach all the school kids that they needn’t put any effort into deserving good grades — even when they “screw off”, and disrupt the classroom, they’re “entitled” to “self esteem;” and a “share” of everyone else’s efforts; 3) Put “first-timers” in jail/prison with hardened multiple-offenders, a continuous seminar in advanced criminal technique; 4) Carefully fail to intercept the massive importation of all, but the traditional yearly, headline-worthy 10% of “busted” cocaine, heroin, et al, knowing that the bulk of it will induce crime, in the dispirited parts of society. There are probably more ways, but these play important roles.

There are exceptions, of course, but most of those whom we task with solving our crime problems, have an unacknowledged vested interest in making sure that their claim of necessity never declines. I’m not saying that most of them take conscious, deliberate steps to foster crime, but their representative organizations can be counted on to oppose anything that cuts into their claim for increased pay and benefits. And sheeple don’t put effort into anything beyond occasionally griping. People invariably favor whatever they perceive as their self-interest. It all helps to keep the crime rates up, and an industry rolling along.

Cry, "Treason!"