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CCHGN, you are correct that many don’t have any place to go or the means to get there, but many do. In the small town I used to live in and in the even smaller town I currently live in, most of the children of the Baby Boomers have left for the cities. That has happened throughout small town and rural America an dis why such places are depopulating. Come SHTF, those young people do have someplace to go, and they will attempt to get there. Here in Vermont approx. 1 in every 7 properties is a vacation property or 2nd home, mostly owned by people from Metro NYC/NJ/CT. There are huge #’s of such properties in other States as well. Come SHTF, those folks will also realize that they have someplace to go, and will attempt to get there. The reality though is that a major chunk of these folks won’t be able to make it to their properties either because they waited too long in an unfolding scenario or the event came on suddenly (cyber attack taking down the grid for example.