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Tolik, downsizing the military is one option though it has side effects. If we downsize our military (speaking of the US) we must close all foreign bases so we can focus our attention on the US. I do not object to that though many will, especially those running the military-industrial complex and the politicians they bribe.

Re-instituting the Constitutional Militias in all states would be another lawful and effective way to be better prepared to defend our country while downsizing the military. Dr. Vieira, a well-known constitutional scholar, believes this is an essential step as it is the only time in our founding documents that the word “necessary” was used to refer to ANY aspect of our government and our rights. If indeed Militias of the States are “necessary” for our security, WHY did the politicians abandon them? Could it be they KNOW they cannot rule over us as long as we are well armed, well trained, and prepared to defend ourselves and our country from ALL enemies? I believe the clear answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding YES!


For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!