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Today I started 554 plants in my greenhouse. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the shade cloth put on. I wish I had put it on yesterday being the wind was really howling this morning, and that would confirmed (or not) that I secured it properly. It’s supposed to stay above freezing all week long which is always a good sign.

The trench I had dug along the wood line last autumn is working great. I now know why part of the garden area just didn’t want to dry out last year. The trench is catching and diverting water from two underground springs. One of them is just gushing water as if it were an underground stream. On the other side of the garden area, I also had some dredging done last year in conjunction with putting a culvert back in the ground that last winter/spring popped out of the ground. That has worked great too. During the current heavy Spring water flow, it is staying in the channel and going through the culvert rather than coming over the top and pushing water towards an area I plan to put more fruit trees in. The heavy flow has dug the channel a bit deeper too.