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Don’t count Cuomo out in doing something even worse than the gun control bit. He’s got a lot of time left in his term. Arrogant people love a challenge.

Lessons were learned from the Schoharie Creek Bridge collapse. After the massive flood caused by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, the Southbound lanes on Interstate 91 going over the Deerfield River in Western MA were closed for a week while they inspected the bridge. The flood apparently jostled the bridge a bit which prompted an immediate project underneath it adding reinforcement. It’s replacement is currently under construction. Were the Tappan Zee to collapse however, it’ll be way more than 10 deaths. A woman I worked with had 2 friends die when the Schoharie collapsed.

I took my Sirius radio out to the greenhouse with me this afternoon and I thought why not some oldies and I turned on the 60’s station. So what was the 1st song? Eve of Destruction from back in 1965 which other aging Baby Boomers here will likely remember. I hope it wasn’t an omen.