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Brulen, I hear you and if I lived in the Southeastern Counties (Orange, Rockland, Putnam, Westchester especially), I wouldn’t be thrilled with anything that made me more accessible to the masses down in NYC. The reality is that the Tappan Zee has been there since 1950 and there are now a couple million people in the northern suburbs in NY on both sides of the Hudson and a couple million more in Northeastern NJ & Southwestern CT with economies using that bridge. Your economy is dependent on it.

When I travel to points south I usually take 87 to 84 into PA so as to avoid the Tappan Zee area altogether. Occasionally if winter weather is an issue I’ll take 87 down to 287 to 78 into PA so as to avoid going through the mountains. Back when I lived in MA I used to come through NYC onto the George Washington long ago as that was the shortest route, then switched to the Tappan Zee so as to avoid NYC, then switched to getting onto 84 in CT so as to avoid the metro area altogether. With age comes wisdom, sometimes.