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Did you ever think there are people who would prefer not to spend the money on gas pipelines and bridges across the Hudson River. Extending the cancer of Nyc upstate is not an improvement. Who says we need the crime, casinos, the ghettos, the liberal politics? Originally when all those projects like the Tappan Zee were built the state was rich. Now the labor rates are approaching $100 an hour for everything. The taxes are insane. The industry ny used to have is gone. The way ny redistributes money isn’t meant to pay for improvements, it’s to keep and support Bloomberg politicians in power. They redistrict to destroy local majorities. They pass laws to obliterate the constitution. The country is in a state of decay borrowing for a future that doesn’t exist. That’s the problem. Sorry I refuse to pay any more money to pave the roads for poor illegals to come upstate and take jobs away from local families. Let the hacker war begin. And lots of luck to them.