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I’ve thought I should bring children into the discussion. Like any other dangerous tool serious consideration should be applied whether or not it’s safe for any individual to use or, to leave the axe unattended. This thread got me to thinking about when I first used an axe, 10 years old at best and how crazy it was for my father to let me split wood at that age. I asked him about it last night and he said “I never had to worry about you doing physical things”, and I’m thinking like chopping my foot off?

A little while later the kids across the street borrowed a fire axe from their dad. The group of us went about a mile away and chopped down about 20 trees in the local protected watershed to build a log cabin. We built a square with about 10 of the logs before things went bad. Fortune was on my side for this one, as I was away on family vacation when they (the boys across the street) were caught red handed in the woods.

If you have youngsters give it some thought.