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If you use a low mass BCG, you should definitely look at whether you will need a different weight buffer. The weight of the BCG really doesn’t play into the hammer (which is what I think you got – not a trigger) spring. The heavier springs are for military and law enforcement ammo.

You can change out and fine tune your trigger, sear and hammer springs to give you the right “feel” when you pull the trigger.

Messing with BCG weights, buffer weights, cutting coils on your buffer spring, etc., are meant to fix cycle speeds/issues.

Just tossing new parts in your AR can and do create all sorts of issues if you don’t know what you are doing. Make sure you know if you want a better trigger/hammer feel or if you want to change your cycling, THEN get the right parts to make that change. I may be completely off base (it is hard to relay information via a forum at times) but it seems like you might want to find someone locally to help you out before you make changes that mess up your rifle. Confusing a hammer and a trigger is not a good start towards customizing a rifle. Believe me when I say, I would not have been able to successfully put together the AR’s I have if it wasn’t for Flatlander. He is quite knowledgeable in AR’s and steered me right toward the correct parts without me having to waste money on stuff I didn’t need.