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Yep, and when the grid does get taken down by one or more of those countries we pretend are our friends (China anyone?) or enemies (Russia, Iran, NK ….) the economic and political elite will say nobody could have seen it coming. And when WWIII comes they will be equally shocked that we can’t recreate our manufacturing capacity overnight. Economic benefits for the elite have taken precedence over resiliency for the masses. Currently even if the political will existed to revert back to a more localized and resilient grid, the general public would likely have none of it. When we bought our present home there was a huge uproar locally over a wind power proposal that could have generated enough power for the entire county. The windmills would have been dispersed in various locations around the county, including the ridge top I look at from my home. You’d of thought the world was coming to an end. The proposal was withdrawn. Since then people have fought hard to stop every solar project, including one that did get built wedged between a small airport, a 4 lane highway, and the town dump. It wasn’t in anyone’s backyard and still some people didn’t think it was an appropriate spot because you could see it from the highway. To the folks that demand more green energy every project proposed is deemed not suitable for that spot. They want green energy but object to every wind, solar, or hydro proposal, and heaven forbid anyone wants to put in a pipeline to deliver natural gas as an alternative to oil. Yes it is “greener” than oil, but they don’t want any pipelines delivering it. Their version of green is not using energy, but let’s add millions more people very year through unrestricted immigration as that is a socially just thing to do. In Northern NH there is a huge battle going on to stop the “Northern Pass” which are power lines that’ll bring more hydro power down from Quebec. Don’t want to look at the power lines. As a society we’ve done it to ourselves.