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Sadly for a big chunk of the population even a 72 hour kit would be a big improvement. Thing is that 50 years ago the govt. did put forth effort towards what was called civil defense back then. In town you saw those yellow signs indicating which buildings had designated shelters and what their capacity was, and those shelters were stocked with a couple weeks supplies. Not much I’ll grant but it is a couple weeks more than is set aside now. Sure FEMA may have warehouses full of preps but it takes them several days to mobilize even when they have advance notice such as with hurricanes, not to mention they are only geared for regional events. The old civil defense approach was nationwide. In high school they covered civil defense in “Health” class which was handled by the gym teachers. Again, the content may have not have been robust by the standards of this group but is 100% more than kids get now. I sometimes wonder if the fact that most preppers are aging baby boomers is because we had that exposure as kids

As an aside, being one who could just innately connect the dots, I can remember when I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old walking downtown seeing all those yellow shelter signs wondering if I was the only person who realized that the shelter capacity in town was only enough for but a fraction of the population. The govts. whole approach to civil defense for a nuclear war was naive but at least there was some effort made to encourage the general population to think about it. People who did prepare weren’t made out to be crazies as occurs now.