I’m gonna do my best to answer you dor… but I’m a rather blunt individual. I usually call them as I see them. Don’t take anything I say personally…

Article placed this afternoon. Whatever has happened to South Africa’s moral compass?

The moral compass was sold in exchange for 30 pieces of silver. De Klerk is a piece of garbage.

Two decades back, this country was the envy of progressive thinkers worldwide

Well, there’s your problem – Progressives. Anyone hears the name “progressive” (not the insurance company), it’s a safe bet you can substitute in “Communist” or “Marxist” and be just as correct.

with a universally Constitution and a respected President who served as a role model for mankind.

You mean Mandela?

The same Mandela who founded and ramrodded the MK – the militant wing of the ANC – and signed off on such things as the Church Street Bombing that killed men, women and children – even running the MK from prison?

Who was dimed out by the CIA and arrested – the farm he fled from being stocked to the rafters with explosives?

Who pled guilty to over 150 counts of terrorism and/or sedition?

Who was so guilty that not even Amnesty International would touch him with a 10 foot pole?

The same Mandela who was trained by the Libyans, the Stasi and the KGB in Angola?

The same one who was offered unconditional freedom by President Botha, if he would only publicly renounce violence? (He refused)…

The same one who was buddy-buddy with Old Joe Slovo, the guy who ran the South African Communist Party?

THAT Mandela?

Yeah. Not so much a role model for mankind, unless you’re talking about recruiting for ISIS.

Now its leadership embraces global polecats.

You’ll get no argument here.

After cosying up to Russian warmonger Vladimir Putin, now comes President Jacob Zuma’s celebration of an official visit by an aged, self-serving autocrat who has done everything possible to retain power – at enormous cost to his now poverty-stricken nation. And while Mugabe rambles nonsensically, Zuma chuckles. Go figure.

Well, no kidding. He’s basically a protege of Mugabe’s. Everything that Mugabe has done, he wants to imitate. Where do you all think you’re going to be in 10 years? 15?

So goes SA, so goes the USA. What happens is SA is a harbinger of things to come for us, and so we watch what happens there with great interest…

Don’t get me wrong, dor. I got nothing against you at all. It’s just back when the Hollywood douchebags and leftists were whining and crying about SA, some of us were trying our hardest to be heard saying DON’T DO IT!! Now, 20 years on, I feel a strange mix of vindication and deep sadness. The blood of every Boer, every Afrikaner, every farm hand killed since then is on the hands of those same vapid leftist goons… in fact, it’s been popular to portray white SA’ers in film as replacement Bad Guys. From that insipid Lethal Weapon movie all the way up to last year’s equally insipid Elysium.

Sorry… I just got on a roll…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1