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Where I used to live there was a rash of burglaries on a street with a lot of older people. Turned out to be a teenager who lived on the street taking advantage of the old folks adhering to a repetitive schedule in their comings and goings. He knew when the houses would be empty. In a small city where a friend’s parents lived, one of those once vibrant industrial places which now that the factories are all closed mostly has older retirees and Puerto Ricans who moved in for cheap housing (and Massachusetts entitlements which are substantial), her father religiously adhered to his schedule meeting his buddies at the corner restaurant for breakfast and lunch each day. One day while he was at lunch young PR’s broke into the house and robbed it while the 80+ year old wheelchair bound stroke victim wife could do nothing but sit there terrorized. Fortunately they didn’t harm her, and granted he shouldn’t have been leaving her home alone like that but they knew when to break into the house because they knew the schedule he maintained.