I gave much thought to what I am about to post. Whether it would be better to send this type of thing in private or not, but in the end, I decided to post it here, where it will do the most good. That said, the following is fictional. A simple thought experiment. I am not advocating that anyone follow the path laid out below.

What would any sane person do?

Ioseph lived in the country of Jerkistan.

Jerkistan used to be a fairly nice country, with working infrastructure, good schools and hospitals and a respectable military.

Some years ago, there was an upheaval in the Jerkistan government, which put the native, majority population – the Jerks – in power permanently. This was celebrated the world over, then Jerkistan was promptly ignored.

Things started to fall apart in Jerkistan, since the native Jerks didn’t know beans about how to run a country. Graft, theft, and corruption were rife. Many non-Jerks fled the country, until the Jerk government made the exit fees so high that nobody could afford them. Ioseph could relocate – there were plenty of other non-Jerk countries to go to and he had marketable skills – but he simply could not afford to pay off the Jerkistan government.

Ioseph was a prisoner in his own country and a hated minority of the non-Jerk persuasion.

When non-Jerks started defending themselves against the predations of the majority Jerk population, the Jerkistan government passed laws making it more and more difficult to possess the means to defend yourself. Still, the non-Jerks complied. Then the Jerkistan government said that non-Jerks could not possess more than a few cartridges for their state-sanctioned firearms. Most non-Jerks complied, even though the feeble number of cartridges meant they could barely hold their own, if that.

One day, while Ioseph was reading in the paper about a family of non-Jerks who had been massacred – they didn’t have the luxury of living in a community like his, with high, thick walls topped by broken glass and razor wire, patrolled 24/7 by private security – he suddenly realized that his country was quite insane. The laws, rules and regulations that were being passed were designed to make him easier to kill, to make him easy prey for the majority Jerk criminals…

Ioseph thought “What would a sane person do?”

Iospeh pondered that question for a long time. He eventually came to the conclusion that when your government is quite insane and bent on eradicating you – but not before bleeding you for every cent you have – it becomes quite impossible to live within the law and still have a better than even chance of staying alive.

When living within the law becomes impossible or intolerable, then living outside it becomes the only viable option.

And so, Ioseph decided to live outside the law. Those laws that were clearly insane or designed to put non-Jerks at a disadvantage, he would simply ignore. He knew a reckoning was coming, and he wanted his family to survive it.

The first thing Ioseph did was carefully feel out the people he knew socially. Those who could be trusted and vetted quickly formed a circle of support and friendship with each other, and allowed nobody else in the group. What was talked about in the group, stayed within the group. Group business was discussed only with other group members, and then only at certain pre-determined times and places.

The first thing the group did was amass some funds and bribe certain members of the local police. The police, while bumbling and inept most of the time, could be useful – if even only to look the other way – and so certain members of the local police force were bribed – especially token non-Jerk cops. Their pay was laughably low, so the extra cash was appreciated. The group filmed and recorded these dealings in case they needed leverage in the future, as well as the names and location of the bribed cops’ family. Someone was going to bribe the cops sooner or later anyway… might as well be the Good Guys.

The second thing the group did was procure weapons of military usefulness. This was tricky, since these were not available through normal channels. Which means they had to be purchased on the grey or black market.

Through a series of cutouts – and information gleaned from the bribed constabulary – several rifles of military usefulness and several thousand rounds of ammunition were procured, as well as a few handguns. These were cleaned and function checked, then heavily greased, wrapped in plastic and then put into large steel water- and air-tight containers. These containers were then cached at locations only known by certain members of the group, and no one person knew the location of them all. That way, if one were questioned, they could not give up the location of every weapons cache.

The group then scouted a reasonably secure, rural location to flee to in the event of bad things happening, such as the very real possibility of the majority Jerk population turning on the non-Jerks en masse and slaughtering them. This was done under the auspices of a “vacation”, complete with cameras and whatever trappings people on vacation took with them, just in case they were stopped.

They chose primary, secondary and tertiary routes, as well as vehicle-passable routes overland, since the Jerk criminals loved setting up roadblocks for the specific purpose of robbing and/or murdering the non-Jerks.

Supplies of food, water, precious metals, fuel, medicines, tools were slowly amassed, in complete disregard of whatever insane rules and regulations were passed by the Jerkistan government. Some were retained by the group. Some were cached at their rural hideaway. Cash purchases only, never in noticeable amounts, and they bought their supplies from various vendors so as to not set a noticeable pattern. For example: If they needed several hundred gallons of diesel fuel, they bought from a supplier who catered to the farmers in the area – perhaps even having a local sympathetic farmer buy it for them (and making it worth his while to keep quiet about it). Such a purchase would be normal business for the vendor, so nothing would appear to be out of the ordinary.

In this way, Ioseph and his group had the outwards appearance of living a law-abiding life and were not suspected of anything. One rule the group had, was that each of them had to be able to walk away from anything at a moment’s notice, no matter what and no questions asked. Even other group members, and – God forbid – other family members. It was the only way to keep them all safe.

Years later, after the collapse of Jerkistan and the subsequent troubles, Ioseph’s grandson was still using the same rifle of military usefulness his grandfather procured….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1