Malgus, you show more understanding of the situation we are in than 90% of the whites living in this country. I cannot understand how the whites have come to this point where they actually just accept the situation. I think years of being told we were wrong and racist and horrible have had its toll. The funny thing is that with them (blacks) now attacking all statues and tearing them down – the gloves are coming off. If you read the comments in the media it is very hateful on both sides. Whites believing that the blacks are lazy, incompetent people who want to be given everything on a platter. Blacks who believe that all the riches whether it be your house, your business or farm was achieved because of Apartheid on the backs of black labour. The funny thing is that during Apartheid the hospitals, universities etc. for the blacks were far better than now. The government hospitals is currently in an absolute state and so is education and the police. Everything is deteriorating at a speed so fast it is almost incomprehensible. What I have come to realise is that we actually cannot live together in one country. The differences in culture is just too huge. Throwing excrement around at statues and at government buildings when they are unhappy about some or other thing whether it is a white colonialist statue or poor service delivery. Burning, breaking, necklacing, zenophobia on other black immigrants. The level of cruelty on their own kind, on animals and whites alike is just not something I can come to grips with. Somehow, we were shielded from it during Apartheid. It was kept away from us and I would be a liar if I tell you I do not want that security again. I am sorry, but I cannot live under these circumstances any longer. Spoke to a policeman who used to work in the townships during Apartheid and he said it has always been like that. Black on black violence is just as cruel. Not long ago a father beat the mother of his child with the baby – needless to say the baby died. What kind of person does that? You tell me? I really do not know what to do except to pray at this point that my children will be spared. I have no faith in Africa and especially South Africa at all. We were fools.