Plain vanilla old school steel tube El Paso Weaver. K1.5, K2, K4, K6, etc… you can drive nails with them and not have a zero shift. (Okay, maybe not drive nails, but they are pretty damn tough.) Almost nothing breaks on them, since there is almost nothing to break.

No fancy schmancy BDC’s or laser rangefinding widgets or flash lights or Infrared night vision zombie homing device reticles or anything like that. Meaning, you have to know your stuff ahead of time. You have to have skill – range estimation, knowing your particular load’s trajectory, how to shoot up- and down-hill, doping the wind, etc. In short, all the skills that our grandfathers had because all that fancy-schmancy high-speed go fast junk didn’t exist.

Plus, the old school Weavers are unbelievably inexpensive considering what they are. They are definitely NOT “cheap”. They’re just old, and loads of new shooters don’t even know that they exist. I have a few and the one that’s on top of the Marlin .22 Mag is a guaranteed first shot headshot on pretty much anything out to about 125 yards. You can also have these fine old scopes refurbished – glass re-coated, bodies re-blued, etc, for reasonable coin…

Here.. took me 3 seconds to find this. 1960’s-era steel tube El Paso Weaver K4 60-B, NOS, time capsuled in the original box. Never mounted, never used. 175 bucks, out the door. Man, you just can’t get any better than that…


[attachment file=”Weaver steel K4 60-B.JPG”]

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