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Welcome Vim6, and hi to you too Shupak. 74 is right about NYC. It is in a class of its own.

Shupak, it is a year later since your posts above. Have you developed a plan that you are satisfied with? Getting into and out of NYC in a car under normal conditions isn’t easy. Trains likely wouldn’t be running under many scenarios. The elites will exit Manhattan the way they do now, via helicopter. I think the best option for most folks is to exit via whatever transport options they have very early in a developing crisis. Better to call in sick or take an impromptu vacation day just in case than to wait until you know for sure the S is HTF. Easier said than done I know. but living on Manhattan isn’t a very forgiving set of circumstances in this context, even if sheltering in place.

I assume that career considerations is why you are on Manhattan. Is it an option to cross the river so as to live in NJ and take the train in every day? At least you wouldn’t be in NYC on your off hours and you would have land routes to points west. I understand places with easy access to Manhattan like Jersey City, Union City etc have become rather trendy.

Good luck.