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74, Many sheeple are attach to their iphone, tv or night life and don’t realize anything around them. It is scary how many NYC people depend on the system since they want everything now, now, right now. L Tecolote, you probably came across this in San Francisco. Once you are out of NYC and some where in NY state then the people completely change with attitude towards survivalist/preppers. Access is very limited, Shupak was right when he mention the map of NYC. However; around the George Washington Bridge are crappy neighborhoods and that is asking for trouble in a SHTF scenarios. Since the Bronx is by the George Washington Bridge the locals wouldn’t run into that much traffic going to that route. Manhattan is close to the Bronx so the locals will have somewhat are of a hard time depending when they plan for the great escape. However; Brooklyn and Queens are **** of out luck, the locals will run into traffic no matter which corner they turn into. Staten Island, is close to New Jersey so they can cut through New Jersey and come right back into New York and be out of the way of the whole mess.