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I saw this topic is about a year old, hopefully this can open up again with more discussions.
This is my first post, I would like to thank Selco on sharing valuable information on urban survival. This course and the other course has truly opened my mind up to things that I completely did not know which has lead me to develop skills.

Like Shupak, I am from NYC, also looking for survivalists and preppers. Shunpak hit the nail on the head on summarizing what happened during Sandy also describing the people. Many NYC residents were asleep( meaning to busy with other bullshit going on) when Sandy hit. Many thought that this was not going to be serious to the point that lights will be out for days in some areas also food and water will be an issue. I have seen people make some poor choices and didn’t have any concept of survivalist skills in their tool box. During and after Sandy this really opened my eyes of how stupid many NYC residents are taking almost everything for granted to the point that they didn’t know how to function.

Selco wrote a lot of valuable information about psychology which I seen some situations unfold during Sandy. Now that I reflect on my actions I can see Selco and a few others shaking their heads on the choices that I made during Sandy which I will explain. I have seen a small SHTF scenarios when I walked into a hospital in Manhattan seeing people panic during a natural disaster also to help two people in the building by providing food and water since it was unavailable. I will say this, being in a hospital is one of the last places you want to be when SHTF because a lot things most certainly can go wrong in a building. The other locations I went to were bad areas in Manhattan to check up on people to see if they were alright. I did see small looting for example some cars were broken into. The reason why I went out into the public in a natural disaster was obvious to see if people that I knew were alright also to get a better sense of small SHTF scenarios in different areas of Manhattan. After witnessing different small SHTF scenarios I have gain a lot of knowledge first hand about psychology which will go into my tool box of skill sets. With this course I have a better understanding of past experience of which I can develop new skill sets for the future.

Thanks everyone for reading my first post.