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My apologies to all for getting us off on an unrelated topic. Saying the 85% of Christians aren’t actual Christians pushed a button so to speak. There are large cultural differences regionally and people approach religion much more quietly here. We are as well more oriented towards a live and let live in a libertarian kind of way. I can recall being taken aback more than once down in Tennessee when visiting family & friends when people I had just met asked me which church I belonged to in our very first conversation. I was pleasant in return because I knew they meant well but up here such a personal question of someone you don’t even know would be considered rude. Two of my brothers married in Alabama and Louisiana, the one in Louisiana to a minister’s daughter. Her family, including her minister father, wouldn’t even speak to us at the wedding because they didn’t approve of their daughter marrying a Catholic. We weren’t Christian enough for them I suppose. In Alabama, a couple of the bride’s Aunts who were originally from Massachusetts came to our hotel to apologize for the bride’s family’s lack of hospitality. Her family did try to be cordial at the wedding itself which an Aunt & Uncle hosted at their home, even if letting us know the little bit of a reception being put on was not their way of doing things.

And yes I agree that powerful forces with their own agendas have done tremendous damage to the family, and in turn damaged the country.