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And although atheists are certainly not evil by default, my issue with them is that because they do not believe in God, anything can become permissible in their minds… mankind becomes their standard against which to test words and actions. Society then dictates what is right and wrong. In Nazi Germany, the people decided that Jews were repulsive and deserved to be punished. Society agreed, and so persecuting them became completely moral, and even the right thing to do. At the very least, people did not speak out against it at the beginning when they should have.

Yes, I am aware the Germans were predominantly Christian. But only a few of them were true Christians, who resisted and/or fled. Some were killed along with the Jews. People seem to forget that the Polish Christians, who were (and still are!) very faithful, were slaughtered in numbers second only to the German Jews.

The bottom line is that atheists, like all human beings, are capable of great good, and great evil. However, their lack of belief makes them vulnerable and more apt to commit evils.