Israel would have been far better off with Russia , they would have had a more reliable ally , not to mention geographically , they could just roll in if they were needed .

Israel has a history of fghting the commies, I highly doubt they’re going to let the russians, commie or not get a foothold anywhere nearby.

If they wanted a ” foothold ” , they would already have it . Not to mention a large population of Russian Jews living in Israel . With friends like the US , who needs enemies . If they had oil , we would be bending over backwards , kissing their butt like with the Saudi’s ……….but they dont ……so we ignore them or treat them like little children . ” Now now ! dont do that !!! ” The western allies created Israel in the first place after WW2 , the least we could do is support them against their enemies . We are now like the Soviet Union , in the fact that nowadays , we are not real choosy about the character of the people we shake hands with anymore . Thank god the American people are different than our government .