The reason why there are so many “experts” in government is because there are too many Carnies in the world.

If Russia lobbed even ONE at us, the response would be… unpleasant for them. They know it and we know it.

Second thing is what this ‘expert’ says – it’s literally the plot of the first Superman movie made back in 1978. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman_%281978_film%29

As far as the Yellowstone caldera? The answer isn’t satisfactory, at least not for me. The answer is “It depends”.

Depends on
1. IF a nuke would set off the Yellowstone caldera.
2. IF it goes off as a result, then how big an eruption will it be?
3. Which way the prevailing winds are blowing.
4. How strong those winds are.
5. What time of year this all goes down.

According to the USGS, it could be anything from a smallish ash cloud covering 4 states to a really big one that covers everything from Mexico to Canada, from California to the Mississippi River…


Even IF the Yellowstone caldera went off all on its own, that in itself wouldn’t “destroy” the United States. Oh, we’d take a hit, for sure, but not a knockout blow. Our food production – especially grains – would take a serious hit, due to the fact that most of the plains states are right in the ash cloud/layer zone of all computer models (built on previous eruption data). But us “destroyed”? Eh, no…. not so much.

I’m thinking this is just dizinformatsiya, meant to get us all bent out of shape and worried… a much bigger threat would be multiple nukes biffed over the US, setting up an EMP. Then whoever did it can just sit back and eat cornflakes while we kill each other over the last can of Beanee Weenies… once we’re reduced to a pitifully small number and half starved, then it’s time to worry…

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The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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