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Leopard, That maybe a good thing in the long run. You will be better prepared then us here. If we have the grid go down for 30 to 60 days or more we are toast! 90% will die and they know it.

I went with my wife to the market yesterday and when I got out of the car I told my wife look at everyone coming out and count how many bags of food they have. Well she only found one person with more then three bags of food so they are buying for two to three days of food only!

We came out with 20 bags of food. Why are they only buying 2 to 3 days of food well it is because 90% eat out and do not cook at home so when the SHTF they will not have any food at home.

Our government knows this. They know that when the turn off the grid they will kill off 90% of the population and that the other 10% are the preppers which they have plans to deal with us.