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I like builds better than buying a complete firearm because you get to actually buy the parts you want rather than replace what you don’t like. Resale on a build is less than an actual name brand rifle, but if you are building it to use I don’t see an issue. There are no plans for me to sell any of mine so that doesn’t bother me.

This will be my 4th build, so I am not an expert by any means – just able to rip it apart and put it together without YouTube….

All of the builds I have done work flawlessly (except 1 and it has a few issues with certain ammo) and are just as accurate as the shooter. I like to shoot potatoes for targets and I am able to hit them without too much hassle around the 100 yard mark with all my builds. The 1 I have some issues with I found that I need to work on the gas tube/block connection area. There seems to be some blow by where the tube sticks into the block. Even if I buy new parts it will be between $30-$100 depending on what parts I buy.

They are very easy to put together. I found that the hardest part was getting my barrel nut on at the right torque and that wasn’t too big of an issue.