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As long as the grid stays up and the govt is able to maintain at least a minimal level of order, it looks like a great place to live, but as you said you still need to leave the premises for work and other basic life activities even now in “good” times. If I convert the prices to US$ using a 12 to 1 ratio, to me they are very modest. $300,000 buys a lot of house in what looks to be a high end neighborhood.

It was just announced that a black comedian named Trevor Noah from SA is replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. In the US you are either black or not but I suppose in SA he’s considered coloured being one of his parents is white. In the US he’ll be a black guy. This is a wildly popular late night comedy show that includes a heavy dosage of liberal politics. I’m thinking it is possible that his presence could give SA some media coverage again in the US. Jon Stewart is so popular that his replacement will have star status and media coverage out of the gate. I’m not sure when he actually starts.