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My experience with Coldsteel is:
1. Very good marketing and sales pitch
2. Poor customer service-I have yet to have them respond to any written communication
3. Questionable steel strength-The blade edge on my Coldsteel machete just rolls over making it virtually worthless until benchground out. I recommend if you have a Coldsteel or any other brand, use it and use it to the extent you might use it in a SHTF scenario. Better to find out what works/fails ahead of time.

Quality in these cases is better than quantity. BTW, quality does not have to be expensive. Try many edged instruments and select the ones that work well for you. I found Kabar Kukri 11 1/2″ machete and Mora 4 1/2 field knife fixed blade,or a AK-47 bayonet (with the steel sheath) have never failed me. These are not the prettiest edged instruments just tried and true.
My everyday carry is a Kershaw 2 1/2″ blade speed assist folder and a large 3 1/2″ blade Benchmade folder. After years of use, none of these 5 have ever failed me. Add in a Swiss Army Spartan and those are my recommendations for SHTF that I want to have with me.
An important feature for all these knives is they fit my hand well. if you are in a SHTF situation, a comfortable edged instrument makes a world of difference.
“You pays your money and you takes your chances.”
Good luck helps too.