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What’s in my wilderness survival kit is a digging tool. To build a Dakota fire You have to move dirt. I have 3.
One is the standard extremely heavy duty military folder.
Another is the Glock with plastic handle and saw.
The third is the Cold Steel Spetsnaz all purpose straight blade.

I’ve noticed in the illustration on the Boot Camp area of a Dakota Fire the air appears to be going the wrong way. LoL I checked out a number of videos on Utube (3) and only one guy did it right. He built a cold weather heating system under his camp site using a flue pipe as a chimney. The air flowed into his fire thru his chamber heating the rocks and earth above, then out the flue. It worked very much like a gasifier. That’s what I think of as a Dakota fire. Very little smoke when it gets going and very hot. It’s the kind of fire you could use in an enclosed space without smoking yourself out.