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I can immediately name 1 thing your air rifle, shotgyn and AK can’t do that a good Ruger 10/22 can……. Be minute of pop can at 100-125 yards. The .22 is a phenomenal firearm (particularly in .22mag) for many purposes. They tend to be quite accurate, are very quiet in comparison, tumble around the target, and the .22 mag is pushing 300 lbs of energy. You can quite easily snipe a deer with that at short range (150 yards for instance) in a very sneaky with a well placed shot manner.

All firearms have their place. That is why there are so many .22lr/.22mag firearms sold over the years. Most people think that the versatility of the .22 have a place in their gun safe. Mine you that it isn’t a trendy round like the .270, 7mm, or 300 win mag. The 10/22 has been sold for 50 and it wasn’t the first.