Yes closer to R12-00 to the 1 USD. Instead of allowing businesses to choose their own racial targets, the BEE generic codes put pressure on firms to increase black representation to 60% at senior management level, 75% at middle management level and 80% among junior managers. The problem is that you cannot find suitable qualified blacks so you have to employ them regardless of their skills. The skills deficit is really a problem. In government department it is even worse. According to economist Iraj Abedian (note not white) said: At least 95% of our black executive cannot run the show and the one place where this is concentrated is in our parastatals. They have the title, get the salary and it seems employment equity has been achieved but they do not know how to do the job. 120 000 white civil servants have left the public service since 1998. In practice, the ANC’s determination to bring the public service under state control has severely weakened the states ability to deliver goods and services to especially the poor. New BEE are intended to give black South Africans significant control over the ownership and management of existing businesses. Firms must seek by 2017 to transfer 25% of their equity to black South Africans and you must by 70% of your goods and services from empowered (black) firms. Small enterprises (turnover between 5 million and 35 million Rand). What small business can run on having a black partner who cannot contribute? Now the students at University of Cape Town is demanding that the statue of Cecil John Rhodes be taken down because of his colonial history. But deeper than that runs the fact that these students struggle at University because government schooling is so poor (in 1996 15500 experienced white teachers were asked to take packages to make way for black teachers) and then they have to compete with the cleverest white students (only 2% of medical students at UCT can be white) – now they say there is white arrogance at University. They also want black lecturers because they perceive white lecturers to mark them too strictly and failing them. So how to you keep standards at an acceptable level for all if they require standards to drop? (A lot of white children cannot get into university but the blacks that do get in do not finish – huge drop-out rate). They are now talking that 50% of the farms must go to the farm workers. So I cannot see any of this ending well, however, reading an interesting article by the Institute of Race Relations this morning whereby the South African Communist Party in its “PATH TO POWER” document is calling for totally getting rid of overseas investment to break its dominance over the economy. Also that local private business will have to be destroyed in order to get control of sectors of the economy. So as you can see they are busy with planned destruction, even of their own peoples futures in order to bring communism in. This morning in the newspaper it said that the government has decided that Mandarin must be taught at schools from next year. Cuban engineers and mechanics are being flown in at huge cost to fix army vehicles and municipal sewerage and water plants, however, you have white engineers who can easily do the job but they would not employ them. So there is an agenda to impoverish and push the white man out of the country. Reverse Apartheid and no one is taking notice what is happening.