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forgot to add hide some last resort trade items hidden in side when stitching up some items makes a good sap in a pinch.

to dutch_Viking

i see you didn t mention sock… i hope you have more than a few as well as toilet paper/ wet wipes the other thing to pack is some tylenol 3 for both pain relief and incase you get the runs it will plug you up and help the cramps. Nothing worse than a rash in the ass and having to walk long hard miles.

No tin opener is a big thing too it is hard on knives and axe… i also see no sharpener?

I hope you dont take this wrong way dutch_Viking but without those few things life can be rough. I hope on of the ss botles you have is open at top and can be used to cook or boil water…. a spork is minimal on eating utensils.

Also no food… should have at least a few days worth over on top of planned rations cause well **** happens.

i would pack a few womens sanitary napkins +duct tape you have… best bandages ever and non stick lol.Lets face it most accidents are no covered with a small band aid.

a few spare batteries for your gear and a light of some kind other than fire, a multi tool is useful in many ways an axe and a saw wont work. i know each has it use but for want of a leatherman you can get some serious trouble.

instead of companion bow you might think of making 2 arrows with hunting tips, take out the notch and put a golf tee into it so you can use your sling shot with a whisker biscuit effective for most small game and when would you want to take something big in a survival situation unless SHFT scenario. lots of small game in most places. some folded heavy aluminum foil can come in real handy cooking and taking cooked food with you if you have to move.

the fishing line is good but the idea of using lures is nice but in real survival make a net with the stuff and a Y tree branch and scoop up dinner.

you can add all of these thing for less than 3 lbs

the ponchos you have dont make noise in rain or when you move do they?