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My blades just came last week so I haven’t made the belt. I can layout my plan now for you and I’ll post a thread when the belt is done.

The blade is 36″ x 3/4 x 1/16 kerf. I was going to use an old belt for a base, but the belt must be straight, and old belts take a set and are bent on edge. Using a leather belt at least 1.5″ wide I will laminate a second layer of thinner leather to the inside. Before laminating the 2 layers glue a 1/6 thick x 1/4″ piece of plastic the full lenght on each edge of the belt forming 2 rails. Make certain the blade slides between the rails. This will keep the layers of leather separated forming a sheath, and prevent the saw from cutting through the belt. Glue the second inside layer of the belt onto the plastic rails. The edge of the belt must be stiched together with a strong thread like waxed nylon. Mark a line 1/8″ from each edge. (If you want this to look good buy a leather lacing and stiching punch. The stiching punch has 2, 4 or 8 punches in equal distant spacing just like a fork). Punch both sides creating stiching holes. Thread each side of the belt using double stiching. Dress each side of the belt smoothing the leather edges then dye each edge.

When the belt is complete tie a ribbon through one of the blade bolt holes and slide the blade into the belt. The blade usually has 2 bolt holes, align the last hole with the belt buckle hole and put it on with the buckle holding the blade in place. Pulling on the ribbon will allow you to remove the blade from the belt.

The finished belt will be a thick stiff belt suitable for load carrying and can be used for a gun belt, etc.