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…what side are you on when it goes down ? Do you resist or roll over for them …?

Look around you, Tolik. Many of your fellow sheepizens are beginning to get a hinky feeling about the Destroyer-in-Chief, and his minions. If things somehow manage to fall apart slowly enough, they might vote in a government that’ll buy a little more time, though the people in power now will fight it. Still, if/when the herd gets down to the level of choosing between the stupormarket and the rent/mortgage, they’ll queue up behind whoever makes the best-sounding promises, negative experiences blissfully ignored. It’s what they’ve always done, because of who they’ve made themselves into. The kind of politicians they’ll vote for, and rally behind, are the ones who’ll scurry to get in front of that parade, because they know the shortest route to the cliff.

If sheepizens can’t figure out how to keep their bellies full any other way, you already know what they’ll do. The further away you are, the better.

Cry, "Treason!"