As with anything, guns are a toolbox.

The .22lr has uses. The first being a training device. The S&W K22, an L-frame and an N-frame all have pretty much the same controls and sights, so a n00b shooter won’t be confused by different controls when they step up in power…

The second thing is that .22lr ammo is everywhere. That being said, it is also very easy to suppress a .22lr. Contrary to what folks think, a suppressed .22 – either rifle or pistol (not revolver. You can’t really suppress a revolver) – has plenty of uses in the world.

I wouldn’t rely so much on an air rifle or pistol. Either because they require a separate compressed CO2 capsule – which may or may not be available – or rely on springs and valving that are subject to deterioration, and I don’t know of anyone doing repair work on them. Myself included. It is also fairly easy to knock together a working single shot .22 out of junk found in the average garage or scrounged up wherever. Not too sure about pneumatic guns, since I have never built any…

Feeding pneumatic rifles or pistols won’t really be a problem… I think maintaining them over the long haul would be a problem.

Plus, anyone who pooh-poohs being shot with a .22lr – especially one of the truncated hollowpoints – probably has never been shot by one or seen anyone shot with one. They go in and bounce all over the place. Personally, I’d rather be shot with a .32 ACP or a .25 than a .22lr…

Not sharpshooting ya… just offering my humble opinion. For what it’s worth…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1