Preppers are also fixated with the concept of the .22 ammo . Why ? they suck . I dont own one and dont plan to . Nothing my shotgun , AK , or pellet gun cant do just as good or better . As far as the concept of a hand to mouth scrounging for materials mentality goes ………..then a pellet gun makes even more sense , as you could easily make a gang mold and melt the lead like they did in the colonial time . But again , will it really come down to that ?
In the bigger picture of a collapse , another important lesson from the USSR collapse we can take some comfort in is the fact that , when that happened , the world was understandably worried about their vast nuclear arsenal . Yes there are a few warheads , that to this day are unaccounted for , but by in large , the people running those places , and in control of them were responsible enough to make sure they didnt move until there was a central government in place to take possession of them . I believe that this country would be no different . The people in charge of certain things do understand the gravity and importance of keeping things out of the wrong hands , and will take steps on their own initiative to do so . I believe that will absolutely happen here .