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It’s all a matter of degree. What Ferfal lived through were difficult economic times, not a collapse. That he or others use the word collapse is a matter of semantics. It adds more drama perhaps but society was still functioning adequately enough that people could move to the cities for jobs. I can see migration towards the cities when the overall economic situation isn’t good, and that’ll work until the threshold is crossed to where the word collapse becomes the best choice of words. We are already in a period where our young are moving to the cities to find jobs. Vermont’s population has grown only 1% in the past decade and that’s only because the largest city Burlington grew about 8%. My town lost about 9% of its population in the past decade and the expectation is that it’ll keep dropping for some years to come. Come a real collapse, I expect that the young that left for the cities will come back home if they can make it.