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hello survival friends ,
i love this topic :) its what i am all about wilderness survival and gear,
i am a real outdoor freak and if my wife and kids let me i am always out and about scouting the woods training skills and enjoy nature my gear is always changing with the seasons some items are standard others not …..

2 x alice pack medium (spring and summer and fall green and brown ) (black grey and white winter time)
each one contains a couple fixed items :
2 pocho,s 2 x 3 meters
50 ft paracord
cooking set
ground cover
drum liner bag
head lamp
1 scout axe
1 belt knife
1 folding saw
1heavy duty survival blade
first aid kit (minimal)
wool blanket swiss army
altoids fire kit (flint and steel chared cloth jutte twine cotton rags
water purrification tabs
2 drinking bottles (stainless)
dacron fishing line 100 pound tested
snare wire
slingshot and ball bearings
thermal shirt and pants (spare)
bic lighters firesteel matches freshnell lens
compas and grid maps My area 200 kilometers radius
bungee cords
fishing kit and lures
home made fatwood , cottonballs vaseline , (surefire)
needle and tread
tie wraps ductape electrical tape .
sunglasses with changeable glasses (orange/yellow , dark )
S.A.S Survival guide pocket edition for reading
flare gun mini with 6 rounds 3 red 3 green

i am saving for a powerful compound bow long range hunting…..

enjoy the woods and love mother nature :))