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L Tecolote, where I live its what we call mud season and so I am wearing my boots. Just walking across the road to get the mail is an adventure in finding solid land and it seems the driving public no longer knows where the road ends and my yard begins as they try to weave their way around the water filled pot holes that re-emerge within hours of the grader coming through trying to fill them.

You’ve listened well in class. The English first stopped the flow of immigrants from France and then subsequently they did kick many out of Acadia, mostly from Nova Scotia. Louisiana got a big share of them, now the Cajuns, but many also came to Massachusetts or fled to Quebec. The French tended towards enormous families back then and so they quickly repopulated, though under English control. The majority ethnicities of Northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes today are French and English. Irish would be the next biggest grouping, though of course most of us are a mix of all of the above. Sort of like a new people emerged after a few centuries of mixing.

The total population of the 3 States and 4 Provinces is 5.6 million, split not quite 60/40 US/Canada so not too far out of whack. The biggest city would be Halifax, NS which has 300,000 in the metro area. When I have been in the Maritimes I’ve been perfectly comfortable culturally, moreso than some places I’ve traveled to in the US. Obviously this is just a fun exercise of conjecture that will never come to pass but I could see Northern New England and the Maritimes being a good fit nonetheless. There is one big difference though. The US part of this equation is heavily armed which is not the case in Canada. Not sure how that would play out.

And yes, Quebec is not invited to the party. Too much language and cultural difference.

Sorry Aukxsona for going off on this tangent on your excellent thread. Coming back to a serious point, I think the extent to which an area or region has a common culture vs significant culture clash would affect the level of violence which in turn affects survival rates. If people can’t work together then all will have a much harder time of it.