Could be true , but in America , over 75% of the population already lives in the cities vs. 90% of the population being rural in the 1800’s . So if true , the only thing that is going to change is people moving from one city to the next city until they find the right fit for them . I see the real problem with preppers being the thinking things are going road warrior for the next ten generations . Look at the collapse of the Soviet Union , when that happened , nothing worked like it used to , all the governmental systems broke down that people were used to , etc. It was chaos for a couple of years , but what did happen was infrastructure was taken over by local authorities and got running again at the small local level . Instead of the snowball rolling downhill from a strong central government ( there was no government ) , the snowball started rolling uphill , starting at the local level . It also is worth understanding and looking at , that they made a 180 degree turn from what was , to what is . They rejected Communism in favor of a western style free market economy , a Federated representative Republic vs. a Communist form of government . That is a huge undertaking for any country , they have a long way to go , but at the same time , they have come a long way in a short amount of time . But it started at the local level out .

Agreed, how’s that for unusual?
And well said.