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It seems to me that the authors commit the same error of not knowing that they attributed to everyone else. No advanced country has suffered a complete loss of electricity in a sudden event. Ferfal has not been through that type of event. Most of his comments I’ve read, are based on having some semblance of power & control structures intact. An example of his fantasy is the idea of going to a city for a job and security. For this to happen after a lights out scenario is a completely imaginary construct.

US cities are 100% dependent on outside support for food, water and every item used in daily life. Any manufacturing and heavy industrial processing that is still located near cities will cease. They will have nothing but the goods and materials that are in place at zero hour. Everyone knows this and to pretend otherwise is ..well, I don’t even want to say what it is. Finding a job where 100% of the population can’t work, in cities with over a million starving people. That isn’t going to happen. So what is reality and what is fiction? As the authors state, it hasn’t happened yet, so anyones guess is as good as anothers.