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Miz Auxsona, I’m trying to tie this back to your original theme, and I can appreciate how being part of a coherent group, religious, ethnic, or cultural, can give you the sense that you’re not alone, that you have natural allies. Tolik seems to agree, as well. I’d be interested to learn if/how your positivity goes beyond the sense that you’re part of an ancient tradition. -L Tecolote

Well, I suppose I have seen how other’s have lived. My ancestors were Amish and for a short time I was left in their care. Most have modern things, but the Old Order does not use anything more than hand tools. I saw that way of life, used an out house, bathed in a bucket before, and more. They are living it right now. Life is not drudgery. It is restrictive, but not horrible.

Also, many humans today survive in very difficult conditions. How do the Masi live without oil? They do though, don’t they? So yes, I have faith in humans to prosper as a species, even if we do lose millions to the coming collapse. I think we will have to start marrying younger than 29, and may be specialize in the realm of the female sex is at home and the male sex goes out to get the bacon (or vice versa) because that is a model I have seen that works. Realistically though, the world is not ready to sacrifice, but they will be and we will be fine.

I honestly have faith in humans ability to create systems that work in the small scale. Of course, I have lived in a time of extreme peace, prosperity, and longevity. Perhaps I have rose tinted glasses?

” I’d take in young children in hopes that some cosmic karma would cause someone else to help my young granddaughters survive.” – Mountain Biker

People just like you are why I survived my childhood. I too would take children in, as many as I could feed continuously.

When was the last time you went without electricity, running water, food, and had babies screaming for food...now you know why I prep. These are the things a mother's nightmares are made of.