The thing is you have to be able to survive on the other side. Sure you can get out on a holiday but you have to survive on the other side too. My boy has a visa for the USA as he played tennis and went over to train at ATM University in Texas a few years ago. They give you a 10 year visa. Hopefully we would be able to get him out. You can fly to Chile or Mauritius without a visa if you would be able to get on a flight. We have a real possibility here of an electricity blackout as the grid is under terrible strain. Affirmative action over the past 20 years, whites were encouraged to take retrenchment packages, maintenance weren’t done and the fact that the ANC decided to roll out electricity to everyone whether they can pay or not for the electricity has caused havoc. In the case of a national blackout it can take months to get the grid up again and apparently you would need electricity from somewhere to get the system up again. We supply all the neighbouring countries with electricity so I cannot see how that is going to happen. There are some people speculating that it would take up to 2 years for them to build new powerstations in order to jumpstart the system back up again. In the case of this happening, you would have anarchy. ATM’s not working, shops, banks etc. closing down. We already have a problem with criminals in this country. When your electric fence and alarm system is not working in this country where people will get hungry and start looting. It will not end well. How do you pay for flight tickets without a bank or credit card that is working? Your best bet most probably would be to get out of the big cities to rural areas or farms. At the moment while the lights are still on, we have private security firms, electric fences, alarm system etc. but once the grid goes down we would be sitting like ducks on a pond.