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For me, I accept that a collapse from any cause will result in a significant population drop, and those deaths will include many hard working skilled good people at the same time that many lazy unskilled not so good people survive by luck of the draw. Collapses are messy affairs. Of course being hard working and skilled improves your chances of being amongst the lucky. I can’t save everyone. None of us can but I like to think that I can save a few. I’d take in young children in hopes that some cosmic karma would cause someone else to help my young granddaughters survive.

We are all the descendants of survivors. Those of us of European descent come from survivors of the Black Plague, horrific wars, crop failures, and long before any of that the last Ice Age even. To the extent that we can find strength in the religions that sustains our forebears through hard times, be it Paganism as Aukxsona does, Christianity, Judaism, or otherwise, it is a good thing. We live in the good times but we come from people who survived a much harsher world. Finding inner strength is what will get many through the transition period. Those with a victim or entitlement mentality may be amongst the first to go.