and robots beat humans for a slave race whirl… useless eaters…humans need not apply….. all of our problems come from one source many people competeing for same resources…. quickest fix get rid of extra … how many managers do you need? office workers? only useful when managing other humans what if you dont need to “manage them”?

All the things you have mentioned are mechanical improvement we are at the cusp of a new robotic sentience if not already there, what are most of us humans worth? not much top 85 families are worth more than bottom 50% of population,,, what value are those to the top who will make and own the robots nothing but liabilities.

look back it always goes financial collapse then war. it is always the same. Who dies alone in the front the poor and the powerless, never the rich and powerful. The best weapon of all dictators is food/water nothing kills vast amounts of people than starvation. Banks have bought up a lot of water rights and food production…. comply or starve…what do you/ most choose?

and whirl with a brain tumor….. would you really want to go through chemo? much better things out there but the system specialist will send you down the same path as the last set of corpses… heralding the successes like a casino heralds winners … remember you too can WIN.

when things come to what is legally right and what is morally right what do you choose? Remember the concentration camps on both sides of WW2 where both legal but immoral. Saying nothing means you feed the machine and are just as guilty as the person saying i was following orders….

Chemo, surgery, bring it on.
The grim reaper ain’t getting me without a fight.

Legal or moral, an interesting dilema.
I mentioned Christian and Malgus pooh-poohed it.
Give til it hurts. Christian charity. If circumstances were reversed, you would want someone else to think the same way.

Since moral behavior differs from person to person, pagan, christian, muslim, its a hard thing to define. Personally I find the allowance of millions to die when something can be done to be morally repugnant, others not so much. Does that put me on a higher moral plane?

Legal? I tend to follow the law and advise people to do the same. For various reasons but not the least of which, is that doing illegal things brings unwanted attention to oneself.
There is also a time to hoist the skull and crossbones and start slitting throats.

I am reminded of the Polish plumber who smuggled hundreds if not thousands of Jewish babies out of the ghettos. She had a false bottom in her toolbox. She was eventually caught, beaten and jailed. Both of her arms broken, she had a moral conviction like few others. She literally gave until it hurt.

This line says it all.
“No… I welcome a population readjustment…”
Bluntly, no response is needed to that. Moral or otherwise,