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“It’s only prudent to become personally able to use low-tech ways to supply our needs, but to get through the next decade nationally intact, is likely going to take all of the food, fiber, metal, and energy supplies, not to mention, individual energy, that America can still produce, given our reduced and globally-dependent state. – L Tecolote

I couldn’t agree more. We as a nation have become so dependent on outsiders, how will we move forward when they no longer supply us with cheap goods or we can no longer transport those cheap goods to our shores?

“But discarding modern production techniques wholesale would only weaken the nation.” – L Tecolote

I don’t see as we have much a of a choice with oil coming down like ti is? What other options have we long term?

“You seem to think that preventing massive loss of life – what I consider to be us living beyond our carrying capacity – to be a bad thing.

In truth, I seriously doubt anything we do will mitigate the loss of life that is sure to result. Thinking we can is just typical human hubris and arrogance.

– Malgus

Again, I see it the same as this. I don’t believe we have a choice in the matter except for how to do it in the least painful way long term. No matter what loss of life will occur, either because we have less means ot heal without oil or God knows what else, or bcause the whole thing collapse due to a lack of a realistic alternative, because no one will accept what is available.

“If it goes down here in the US – and I think it will – I don’t see any reason why a neo-feudal system wouldn’t arise. Landowners will be the aristocracy, same as it ever was. People will trade their skills and labor in an effort to keep themselves and their families alive. – Malgus

I too think this is possible, but not very liekly in my own lifetime.

“Regressing to a feudal system isn’t necessarily a bad thing… at least we wouldn’t regress to complete anarchy and chaos and will have a system that will maintain – even advance – technology and have some standard of living. – Malgus

The very crux of my argument for voluntary simplicity.

“It wouldn’t create a utopia, but a whole bunch of hard work. – Whirlibird

No one said it would be utopia, but it’s better than sudden chaos. It’s better than millions dying everyday for lack of food. Besides, as a Christian you should know that a man feeds his family by the sweat of his brow. How dare you shirk work and call someone else unchristian? I may be Pagan, but I was raised Christian. The one thing I was taught is that hard work never hurt anyone.

“Ahh, the “TERR-RIST!” card… In point of fact, our muzzie buddies are currently killing each other off, and I’m rooting for both sides. I don’t care which side wins or loses, so long as lots of muzzies bite the dust. – Malgus”

As a Pagan, I would be beheaded. I hate to say I feel the same way.

“there is a major population readjustment coming. It’s a foregone conclusion. It’s just a matter of when and how much of a readjustment. Those places that have the biggest populations and not the means to feed them will be hardest hit. Sorry, but I cannot devote – and refuse to devote – any concern, worry, or resources towards them. They are outside my sphere of influence. I have a say as to what happens locally and can extend a hand to a few individuals here and there, but as a whole? I couldn’t influence anything, even if I wanted to. – Malgus

We are all in that boat.

“Not all technology is good.” -Malgus

Let’s just say I agree with everything you said.

“I think mine was the last generation – Gen 13 – to be taught cursive formally in school. – Malgus

I was taught cursive in 1987. My sister was taught cursive in 1994. I am teaching my children cursive and proper English at home.

“Modern medicine has given rise to a population explosion which has generally weakened the human race as a whole. People who have inherited diseases now live long enough to pass on their defects to their children, creating even more who need special care – Malgus

I have asthma. I have 6 children. Of the 6, 1 has asthma that is so mild, she doesn’t even need medicine. The same child is disabled, because of a reaction to the swine flu vaccine. I also have one that suddenly developed hypothyroidism at the exact same time I did, right around when Fukishima went off. It was an amazin coincidence. All oter children are so healthy otherwise it’s amazing. The only time they have ever gone to the doctor are well check ups, and when they busted their knee or head riding their bikes.

I personally believe the only reason I have any unhealthy children is due to modern life in general and specifically due to modern medicine. My son that has hypothyroidism has it very mild as do I.

It is genetic that she reacted to vaccines. My father did. I did. With each generation, the reaction was stronger. Genetically, we do better in the wild. We are of Amish background though as my father was the first generation off the farm. So not all illnesses are from being inferior genetics, some is because modern medicine does not agree with the body.

“No… I welcome a population readjustment…”

I do not. Only because I know a lot of good, healthy people, stuck in a bad place will die. I hope that we can sustain enough people, even through old fashioned hard working ways, that those that can do for themselves are allowed to pass on their genes.

When was the last time you went without electricity, running water, food, and had babies screaming for food...now you know why I prep. These are the things a mother's nightmares are made of.