You and many others seem to think a massive die off is a good thing.

Not parsing words, but I didn’t say it would be a good thing. I said it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Please do not put words into my mouth.

Something can happen and it can be neither good nor bad. It just is.. Or, it could be seen on it’s face as “bad”, but end up being a net “good” down the line a ways..

Take the Black Death. Initially, it was considered God’s Wrath and that it was “bad”. Well, yes, on it’s face it was ‘bad’. But, since only the strongest – and those who were immune – survived, the net effect was that the European population was that much stronger when the population rebounded. Massive depopulation also weakened the then-current feudal system and laid the foundation for the Renaissance, property rights, individual rights, etc. All of which wouldn’t have happened when it did if not for massive depopulation brought on by Y pestis

I find that both disturbing and un-Christian.

Nice try playing the Christian card, but alas, no traction. Applying your own personal values and what you personally consider to be “un-Christian” to any situation does not guarantee that anyone else will think the same, or even have the same values.

In point of fact, no, not all human life is of equal value, contrary to what the egalitarians say. Not all cultures are the same or even on equal footing. Charity is nice, except when it’s not. Look at Ethiopia. Remember “Band Aid” 20-something years ago? Poor starving wretches over in Ethiopia need your help! And so zillions of dollars and millions of metric tons of food and other aid flowed into Ethiopia. Back then, there were only a few million starving wretches.

Fast forward a generation, and now there are somewhere north of 30 million starving wretches. The kids we fed 20 years ago are now Kalashnikov toting hearties in their late 20’s, robbing, raping and generating bastard children at will, and are likely quite hostile to the US.

Something our muslim buddies worldwide would likely appreciate though.

Ahh, the “TERR-RIST!” card… In point of fact, our muzzie buddies are currently killing each other off, and I’m rooting for both sides. I don’t care which side wins or loses, so long as lots of muzzies bite the dust. They’re doing our work for us, as far as I’m concerned… Furthermore, given our main occupation of inventing Boogey-men where none existed in order to justify war and so enrich those who run the Military/Industrial Complex, I seriously doubt that some illiterate goat herder in some cave in the Hindu Kush is in any way a threat – real or existential – to the US. And if they are, simply ban them or kick them out of the country. That we do not have the political will to do so doesn’t mean the idea isn’t a good one.

Whirl, there is a major population readjustment coming. It’s a foregone conclusion. It’s just a matter of when and how much of a readjustment. Those places that have the biggest populations and not the means to feed them will be hardest hit. Sorry, but I cannot devote – and refuse to devote – any concern, worry, or resources towards them. They are outside my sphere of influence. I have a say as to what happens locally and can extend a hand to a few individuals here and there, but as a whole? I couldn’t influence anything, even if I wanted to.

Hard work? Heh… anyone afraid of hard work doesn’t deserve to be here. And LACK of hard work is what has led us down the primrose path and created generations of spoiled, narcissistic, self-absorbed, button pushing brats in adult bodies. A nation of entitled, squabbling tribes all looking for a handout that has substituted the god of Government in place of the Almighty…

We NEED to get knocked back on our asses, in my opinion… perhaps when people learn what goes into actually living, then maybe they’ll learn to appreciate life again…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1